How to photograph jewelry with an iPhone 4


Portable iPhone camera studio


You know those beautiful photos of jewelry that you see in ads and catalogs? The folks at Modahaus wanted to see if their table top studios could be used with an iPhone 4 to make images that would be good enough for a professional photographer to sell. The results were astonishingly good.

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Dean Martin Burgers

Dean Martin Burgers


This seems delicious!

Dean Martin Burgers.

How to make sure youre charging your iPad correctly


iPad power adapters


Recently I noticed that my iPad was not charging as quickly as it used to. Only a month or so ago I was impressed at how my iPads battery would easily charge up to the 80% range in a couple short hours, but more recently the same charge time would produce a meager 10% if I was lucky. It was infuriating, and the only thing more infuriating was that I couldnt figure out why. After doing a bit of research this is what I discovered.

<Quick note from me: You can use a 10 watt iPad power adapter to charge your iPhone or iPod. You can use the 5 watt charger from those devices on your iPad but it will take longer to charge. No electrical problems either way.>

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How to create iOS device home screen icons for websites



As more and more people browse the web with their iOS devices, using websites and web apps designed for them is a good idea to reach the growing number of mobile users. But making sure your brand is well represented on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad involves more than just making sure it’s accessible. Encourage users to create web clips that live on the iOS home screen like apps, and make sure that the icon that leads to your online content looks good by following the instructions below.

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The Secret to Raising Happy Kids



Pretend you had a video camera following you around all day. What would that video look like? Would it show you:

* rushing around from one activity to another?

* barking commands?

* constantly talking or having noise around like the radio or TV?

* speaking quickly, in a hurried, worried, stressed or anxious tone?

* constantly providing or being the entertainment for your child?


* living life slowly?

* Laughing and smiling a lot?

* Enjoying moments of silence, not feeling the need to say anything or ask any questions?

* Enjoying alone time while your child enjoys their own?

* Doing an activity with your child that you BOTH enjoy?

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Lion to allow two virtualized instances of Mac OS X per machine


Virtualized Mac OS X


Now Lion’s new EULA is set to change all that, as reported by MacRumors. 10.7 users will be permitted to run one or two virtual Mac instances on each physical Mac, presumably using existing virtualization tools like VMware Fusion, Parallels, VirtualBox or others. This is bound to be a big help for developers, IT managers and others who need to keep a known-good test environment or try out new apps in a controlled fashion.

Note that virtualized Macs aren’t the same thing as virtual desktops, which Lion is also slated to support; that second feature means that you can remotely connect to your user account and your desktop ‘underneath’ a user who is currently logged in to the machine. A similar capability was baked into Snow Leopard, but it required some hairy workarounds to use effectively; the Lion version will be single-click friendly.

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Scripting News: I’ve deleted my Dropbox account


Dave Winer


First, it’s ridiculous that Dropbox made a major change to their Terms of Service during a holiday weekend in the US. Right off the bat that tells you something very bad is happening.

Near as I can tell, they’ve changed their user agreement to be like Twitter’s. Unbelievably, they claim rights to use the stuff you store on Dropbox. Breathtaking. It’s one thing to cast your 140-character tweets out there into a hamster farm, quite another for the kinds of stuff we’ve been using Dropbox for.

I pay them $99 per year for the service. I felt it was wrong to accept this kind of service without providing them with compensation.

There is a delete account command. I used it.

Now I have to wonder if there’s some way to get them to flush my archives.

To people who say I over-reacted. How could you possibly know?

Might re-approach once the dust settles. Can’t afford to have my stuff be a test case.

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