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Terry Gilliams’s Do-It-Yourself Animation Show


The Secret to Raising Happy Kids



Pretend you had a video camera following you around all day. What would that video look like? Would it show you:

* rushing around from one activity to another?

* barking commands?

* constantly talking or having noise around like the radio or TV?

* speaking quickly, in a hurried, worried, stressed or anxious tone?

* constantly providing or being the entertainment for your child?


* living life slowly?

* Laughing and smiling a lot?

* Enjoying moments of silence, not feeling the need to say anything or ask any questions?

* Enjoying alone time while your child enjoys their own?

* Doing an activity with your child that you BOTH enjoy?

via The Secret to Raising Happy Kids.

What teachers make

This is the poem that Juli Terry read during the party on the last day of her teaching at Marin Primary & Middle School.
What Teachers Make, or You can always go to law school if things don’t work out. By Taylor Mali. 😯

Shutting out blogs in schools

Weblogg-ed – The Read/Write Web in the Classroom: “So here is the update from the heartland: blogs, wikis, Flickr…almost anything where kids can post content online is being blocked by schools. An elementary school teacher told me that the schools just don’t want the potential problems of students doing this”

This is not good. There was a great reply in favor of student freedom in the article though:

“Stop treating problems relating to computers as different than other school related issues. Choices are choices. Educate and inform the child as to the right choices and hold them responsible if they make the wrong choices. Supervision and education are the keys not blocking. These are schools.”

I hope there is not much resistance in our plan to teach the kids (and teachers) these things next school year.

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