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No duplicate posts

Doublemint twins

Well, that import I did the other day worked well. I thought I might have some duplicate posts but I don’t see any. Everything seems to be running smooth.


Combined blogs again

Trike Garage

Combined blogs again. Everything is hosted here on now. Should be much easier to maintain.


FeedWordPress appears to work great!

Imported one of my Evernote notebooks and the posts look fine. Now I am just trying to adjust how the tagging will work. I think I need to plan it from Evernote first.

Having trouble with Everpress plugin

Installation was easy. But I don’t see any settings on the plugin page, which I need for this to work. Waiting on the phone now for FatCow support. I’d like to get his plugin to work.


Update: Okay. That didn’t work. Uninstalled it and now I am going to try FeedWordPress which seems to be maintained regularly.

Updated WordPress today

And updated my plugins. Now I am going to check out the EverPress plugin and see how well it integrates my Evernote with my WordPress. I already have Instapaper sending articles to my Evernote so this would be sweet.

Update day

Updated WordPress to 3.0.4 and updated all plugins and themes.

Trying Grassland Theme

Seems to work pretty well. I’ll let it stay up for a while. Similar in style to my webhost, FatCow.

I also think I have all my imported posts cleaned up. After a few more tweaks and maybe another plugin or so, this page will stabilize.

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