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Blogsy Update


The code behind this graphical interface should be much better now with easier to follow paragraph tags instead of div tags. I’ll know after I upload this.


Technology doomed to fail

<Link to picture and article gone. I was right about it failing!>

My prediction is this will fail just as bad as the RIM PlayBook. Too many parts and, gawd, you have to use a stylus. Would have been nice ten or more years ago, but now? An iPad succeeds because it is simple to figure out and easy to use. That is why most people want one. This roll laptop is so last decade. Even the new lightweight laptops like the MacBook Air take up less room then this thing. Plus who is going to walk around town sporting a rolled up laptop over their shoulder? Silly.

No duplicate posts

Doublemint twins

Well, that import I did the other day worked well. I thought I might have some duplicate posts but I don’t see any. Everything seems to be running smooth.

Combined blogs again

Trike Garage

Combined blogs again. Everything is hosted here on now. Should be much easier to maintain.


Test post from Blogsy

This post was used for testing Blogsy app on the iPad.

How to make sure youre charging your iPad correctly


iPad power adapters


Recently I noticed that my iPad was not charging as quickly as it used to. Only a month or so ago I was impressed at how my iPads battery would easily charge up to the 80% range in a couple short hours, but more recently the same charge time would produce a meager 10% if I was lucky. It was infuriating, and the only thing more infuriating was that I couldnt figure out why. After doing a bit of research this is what I discovered.

<Quick note from me: You can use a 10 watt iPad power adapter to charge your iPhone or iPod. You can use the 5 watt charger from those devices on your iPad but it will take longer to charge. No electrical problems either way.>

via How to make sure youre charging your iPad correctly | TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

How to create iOS device home screen icons for websites



As more and more people browse the web with their iOS devices, using websites and web apps designed for them is a good idea to reach the growing number of mobile users. But making sure your brand is well represented on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad involves more than just making sure it’s accessible. Encourage users to create web clips that live on the iOS home screen like apps, and make sure that the icon that leads to your online content looks good by following the instructions below.

via How to create iOS device home screen icons for websites — Apple News, Tips and Reviews.

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