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Video Girl Ai vol 3: Recall

Video Girl Ai

This was a hard one to read. After Yota finally saves Ai in the video world, she disappears. When he sees her again, she has been reset. She does not remember him or anything they shared together. Yota is torn apart inside from having to see Ai but she does not even know him. A new girl, Nobuko, starts seeing more of Yota at this time. That is Nobuko on the cover. 🙂

Defective Video Girl.
When Ai falls in love with Yota – emotions that are forbidden for Video Girls – Ai’s creator recalls her tape completely! Yota must travel to the hazardous video world and battle physical and psychological hardship in order to prove his love for Ai.


Video Girl Ai vol 2: Mix Down

Video Girl Ai

Well, I read that quickly. Could not put it down. That is Moemi on the cover. 🙂

“Dateless” Moteuchi and the video girl.
High school student Yota Moteuchi is nicknamed “Dateless”. When the love of his life confesses she is in love with his best friend, Yota rents a video for comfort, but the shop is magical, and the cute star of his rented tape pops out of his TV and tries to fix his ruined love live.

Re-edited in the mix down.
When Ai starts to have feelings for Yota – feelings that are forbidden for Video Girls – Ai’s creator steps in to either fix her or erase her! Ai must decide whether to give Yota the cold shoulder or to acknowledge her growing love for him.

Video Girl Ai vol 1: Preproduction

Video Girl AiVideo Girl Ai Original

Just started to reread some of my favorite manga. What better place to start then with Video Girl Ai, one of my favorite stories. Yota Moteuchi rents a video tape from a mysterious store and when his VCR malfunctions Ai Amano comes out of the television and into his life. She promises to cheer him up (the name of the tape was I’ll cheer you up). But because his VCR had malfunctioned, Ai comes out a little different then she was on the tape. Fun, romance, drama, and action ensue. 🙂

Yota Moteuchi is so unpopular, his nickname is “Dateless”. That doesn’t stop him from falling in love with his classmate Moemi, but is she in love with someone else?

Out of the TV and into the fire.
At a mysterious video shop, Yota rents a tape starring the cute, young idol Ai Amano. When he plays the video on his broken VCR, Ai promises to cheer Yota up – then she emerges from the television and declares she will improve Yota’s love life!

Sshhhh! by Jason

I just read another great comic, Sshhhh! by Jason, which is available from Fantagraphics. Below is a description from the website:


“From the Harvey Award-winning author of Hey, Wait… comes this sharp suite of short tales, ranging from the funny to the terrifying to the surreal to the touching, all told entirely in pantomime. Jason’s clean, deadpan art style hides a wealth of emotion and human complexity, leavened with a wicked wit.”


Monkey vs. Robot

I am just now reading Monkey vs. Robot and the Crystal of Power. This is one of the best comics I’ve read in a long time. Here is the description from the Top Shelf Productions website:

Monkey vs. Robot

A factory of self-replicating robots is stripping the jungle of its natural resources, threatening the territory of a colony of nearby monkeys. A series of encounters between the two groups quickly escalates into all out war. For all the book’s humorous and charming appearance, beneath this entertaining veneer runs a stirring examination of the dual nature of existence, the dichotomy within the human mind, and our profound effect on the ecological environment. A modern day fable for adults and kids alike based on the age-old struggle between nature and technology. Definitely Kochalka’s most significant and universally accessible work to date! — 160 pages

Great stuff. Go monkeys! 🙂

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