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Be Cool was great

Last night I rented the movie Be Cool which I have been wanting to see for a while and it did not let me down. The acting was good and actors in it got to play interesting characters. The Rock was funny as hell as a gay body guard and it was great seeing Aerosmith perform a concert song as part of the movie. There were little jokes throughout the movie and it was enjoyable throughout. I highly recommend it. 🙂


Willy Wonka was great

I just got through seeing the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and it was fantastic! Johnny Depp was great as I always expect of him and the whole movie was good with lots of surprises and excitement. People in the audience were laughing during many parts. I highly recommend seeing this movie. 🙂

Here is what my friend Eric had to say about this movie over on his blog:

saw willy wonka charlie and the chocolate factory tonight, giddy on smuggled sweets, with cousin jason and allison. initially, i was upset that it strayed so far from the original, but in the end i just appreciated it for what it was. depp was just warped enough to be convincing, and distanced himself from gene wilder to make me giggle. i can’t hear your mumbling!

how did they train all those squirrels? why didn’t gene wilder have a cameo, say as one of the grandpas? the multi-cam filming of the one little person was stupendous, and i found the variety of music to have me laughing out loud [louder than anyone in the cinema, but i’m just uninhibited like that], but i did miss the oompa loompa sing-a-long musical numbers.

War of the Worlds was over hyped

I just got through watching the new version of War of the Worlds and about the most exciting part about it was when Tim Robbins first appears. The film was predictable and also stupid in parts about which characters would miraculously escape some tragic fate over and over again. Oh, yea. It did have cool effects. 😐

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