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How to photograph jewelry with an iPhone 4


Portable iPhone camera studio


You know those beautiful photos of jewelry that you see in ads and catalogs? The folks at Modahaus wanted to see if their table top studios could be used with an iPhone 4 to make images that would be good enough for a professional photographer to sell. The results were astonishingly good.

via How to photograph jewelry with an iPhone 4 | TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog.


Night photography settings

Moon and trees

Moon and trees


Some guidelines for night time shots I found on the web.

ISO 100, f/16:

  • City scape at night – 2 min
  • City scape after sunset – 1/4 sec
  • Traffic trails – 30 sec
  • Fireworks – 30 sec
  • Floodlit building – 15 sec
  • Neon sign – 1 sec
  • Outdoor illuminations – 15 sec
  • Illuminated shop windows – 1 sec
  • Campfire flames – 2 sec
  • Fairground rides – 15 sec
  • Landscape by moonlight – 30 min
  • Landscape by twilight – 30 sec
  • Domestic interior – 8 sec
  • Person lit by campfire flames – 16 sec
  • Person lit by candlelight – 8 sec
  • Person lit by 100 watt bulb – 4 sec
  • Spotlit stage, theatre or circus – 1/2 sec
  • Spotlit stage, school play – 8 sec
  • Full moon – 1/30 sec
  • Cresent moon – 1/8 sec
  • Museum or Gallery – 8 sec

I would hope my camera’s automatic settings can pick the right exposure for me. I do like using the aperture priority mode on my Olympus OM-4Ti much more then I use the camera in manual mode. But it is good to know manual settings. 😉

Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds

This is a good general rule-of-thumb for composing photographs. Wiki entry. ❗

Michael Freeman: The Photographer’s Eye

Michael Freeman: The Photographer's Eye

Michael Freeman: The Photographer's Eye

Great photography book by Michael Freeman. Subtitle should say “Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos.”

I am using this post to jot down some mental notes from reading the book that will help me remember some of the techniques I can use when making compositions.

  • Balance
  • Frames within Frames
  • Horizon – more sky or landscape
  • Fill Frame
  • Movement/Direction
  • Vectors
  • Contrast – Hard or Soft
  • Dynamic Tension – like two people facing away from each other
  • Vertical Lines
  • Diagonal Lines
  • Curves
  • Eyes, Eye Lines – Where are the eyes looking
  • Circles
  • Triangles
  • Focus – Use limited Depth of Field
  • Diffuse (low contrast) or Concentrate (high contrast) for Attention
  • High Key or Low Key
  • Clear or Ambiguous subject
  • Simple or Complex composition
  • Colour
  • Colour Relationships

I can highly recommend this book to anyone interested in photography. Get it here on Amazon. ❗

Italian scooters

Aprilia, Vespa, Piaggio

Aprilia, Vespa, Piaggio

I still wish to own a nice Italian scooter someday. This picture was taken by my wife outside of Rockridge TwoWheels over in Oakland, CA. 8)

My Rollei 35se

Rollei 35se kit

Rollei 35se kit

I purchased this camera in 1981 from Adolph Gasser in San Francisco. I’ve used it on and off over the years and usually use Ilford HP4 Plus Black & White film with it. That is why I have the yellow and orange filters. I never did get the green filter. I keep thinking to sell it as I don’t use it as much as my other cameras anymore. Anyway, it is still working fine after 28 years of use. I cannot imagine any of the new digital cameras even being moderately useful after just half that time. 😐

Video Girl Ai vol 3: Recall

Video Girl Ai

This was a hard one to read. After Yota finally saves Ai in the video world, she disappears. When he sees her again, she has been reset. She does not remember him or anything they shared together. Yota is torn apart inside from having to see Ai but she does not even know him. A new girl, Nobuko, starts seeing more of Yota at this time. That is Nobuko on the cover. 🙂

Defective Video Girl.
When Ai falls in love with Yota – emotions that are forbidden for Video Girls – Ai’s creator recalls her tape completely! Yota must travel to the hazardous video world and battle physical and psychological hardship in order to prove his love for Ai.

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