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Photo: My good friend, Peter, …

Photo: My good friend, Peter, gave me a copy of the “Hot Shots” photography book I wanted. Thanks, pal!


Thanks to @campdoodles for the…

Thanks to @campdoodles for the Wave.

Sent a Brizzly invite to Simon…

Sent a Brizzly invite to Simon.

@wildemoose Welcome to Twitter…

@wildemoose Welcome to Twitter. Enjoy!

2nd Grade Art…

2nd Grade Art

New iPhone

Just got a new iPhone and am testing the features.

Car was almost stolen

Car broken in to

Originally uploaded by Pepino1976.

Part of the fun of living in Oakland, California. A failed attempt on stealing my car. Lost a bunch of favorite cassettes and my favorite sunglass that Danielle had given me. Cost $500 to get the car running again as the wiring harness was ruined and needed to replace the broken glass too. Damnit. 😡

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