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Dominic Jang Yee Chow passed away


A good friend of mine, Dominic passed away last Monday, November 1st. Dom was only 33 years old. The last time I chatted to Dom was late July. We laughed about the Darth Vadar with schoolgirls picture. I enjoyed our time working together at Scient and also the friendship we shared afterward. He was a religious man and a great person. I wish him peace which I’m sure he will find where he has gone to. He will be missed. 😦
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Simon visits US

Normal and Eccentric

Simon Pride came to the United States to visit his new girlfriend Arielle whom he met when she was studying at Oxford in England. In their journeys they both came through San Francisco and I got to see them one evening. Another friend, Charlie Chen, was supposed to be with us too but his Windows servers had problems. Some mail script was written badly and he had a lot of manual work to do unfortunately. Anyway, we ate at a Thai restaurant and had a good time chatting. It was great to see Simon again after all these years. 🙂

When you gonna post something interesting then?

Eh? Eh?

Szoborpark, Budapest

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Szoborpark, Budapest
Szoborpark, Budapest,
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A picture from Simon Pride’s Flickr.

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