Hang in there, Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company 


Ford Motor Company

My grandfather worked for Ford, my father worked for Ford, I worked for Ford, and many of my friends like the Mustos, the Krafts, and even long time childhood friend Butch Kirkham worked for Ford. It is good to see that Ford is doing what it can to keep it’s integrity good during these hard times for the big three motor companies in the US. I’ve always known Ford and the United Auto Workers union worked together much better then those other two companies.

Even though Ford is not borrowing money from the government, it had been expected to seek and receive whatever concessions that the U.A.W. granted G.M. and Chrysler, which are now asking to borrow a total of $39 billion. As it has turned out, the union has had better luck negotiating with Ford first and then asking G.M. and Chrysler to accept similar turns.

Earlier this month, after talks broke down between the union and G.M., Mr. Gettelfinger reached a deal with Ford on issues other than retiree health care and used it to broker terms with G.M. and Chrysler several days later.

Taken from Ford and Union in Accord on Health Care in The New York Times.

Hang in there, Ford Motor Company! 🙂


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