Video Girl Ai vol 2: Mix Down

Video Girl Ai

Well, I read that quickly. Could not put it down. That is Moemi on the cover. 🙂

“Dateless” Moteuchi and the video girl.
High school student Yota Moteuchi is nicknamed “Dateless”. When the love of his life confesses she is in love with his best friend, Yota rents a video for comfort, but the shop is magical, and the cute star of his rented tape pops out of his TV and tries to fix his ruined love live.

Re-edited in the mix down.
When Ai starts to have feelings for Yota – feelings that are forbidden for Video Girls – Ai’s creator steps in to either fix her or erase her! Ai must decide whether to give Yota the cold shoulder or to acknowledge her growing love for him.


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