Video Girl Ai vol 1: Preproduction

Video Girl AiVideo Girl Ai Original

Just started to reread some of my favorite manga. What better place to start then with Video Girl Ai, one of my favorite stories. Yota Moteuchi rents a video tape from a mysterious store and when his VCR malfunctions Ai Amano comes out of the television and into his life. She promises to cheer him up (the name of the tape was I’ll cheer you up). But because his VCR had malfunctioned, Ai comes out a little different then she was on the tape. Fun, romance, drama, and action ensue. 🙂

Yota Moteuchi is so unpopular, his nickname is “Dateless”. That doesn’t stop him from falling in love with his classmate Moemi, but is she in love with someone else?

Out of the TV and into the fire.
At a mysterious video shop, Yota rents a tape starring the cute, young idol Ai Amano. When he plays the video on his broken VCR, Ai promises to cheer Yota up – then she emerges from the television and declares she will improve Yota’s love life!


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