Flickr XHTML error

I am finally getting around to creating my own stylesheet for my blog because all of the cool stylesheets that I tried failed as valid XHTML. I figured I might as well spend some time and do it myself. Well, I had an validation error while even using the WordPress default stylesheet which I was just going to modify. Hmm. Checked it out and the error came from a post from Flickr: The auto-generated test post.

Line 199, column 201: value of attribute “align” cannot be “absmiddle”; must be one of “top”, “middle”, “bottom”, “left”, “right”

…ight=”18″ border=”0″ align=”absmiddle” />, a fancy photo sharing thing.

I changed the absmiddle to middle and now I get valid XHTML (and CSS). I’ve got to remember to email Flickr about this. 😐


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