Willy Wonka was great

I just got through seeing the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and it was fantastic! Johnny Depp was great as I always expect of him and the whole movie was good with lots of surprises and excitement. People in the audience were laughing during many parts. I highly recommend seeing this movie. 🙂

Here is what my friend Eric had to say about this movie over on his blog:

saw willy wonka charlie and the chocolate factory tonight, giddy on smuggled sweets, with cousin jason and allison. initially, i was upset that it strayed so far from the original, but in the end i just appreciated it for what it was. depp was just warped enough to be convincing, and distanced himself from gene wilder to make me giggle. i can’t hear your mumbling!

how did they train all those squirrels? why didn’t gene wilder have a cameo, say as one of the grandpas? the multi-cam filming of the one little person was stupendous, and i found the variety of music to have me laughing out loud [louder than anyone in the cinema, but i’m just uninhibited like that], but i did miss the oompa loompa sing-a-long musical numbers.


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