I love my iPod

I finally got an iPod two days ago. I was going to hold out till Apple came out with video iPods but with the new low prices, I coudn’t resist getting one now. I got the 60 GB model which has a color screen. It is great to be able to bring my photos around with me. I like that feature a lot. I also got the Monster Cable cassette adapter for the use in the car which works and sounds great.

But the thing I am really thrilled about it are Podcasts. FM radio really sucks now. It was so good in the seventies and still good in the eighties. The nineties sucked though and it only got worse. A few large companies are controlling almost all the stations now so you get fed bland and boring radio. Safe radio. Now, with Podcasts, you have freedom.


I love that word. With Apple’s smarts the iPod is now like a Tivo for radio. You can listen to what you want when you want. And the choice of what to listen to is fantastic. I can now listen to the BBC on my way to work or I can listen to what Adam Curry, the proclaimed father of Podcasts, has to say. Awesome.

Here is a much better write-up of falling in love with a new iPod. A friend of mine, Eric, just got an iPod recently and also wrote on his blog I heart my iPod. Not always a work-safe site though. You were warned. 😯


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