FBI agent W. Mark Felt is a squealer

FBI Agents Alternately Criticize, Back Felt: “Felt, 91, broke a three-decade silence Tuesday, revealing himself as the famous source [of Watergate] in an article in Vanity Fair magazine. His family said they wanted him to come forward so that he could be recognized as a true patriot…”

I agree with others who “…said Wednesday that they did consider Felt a turncoat.” I would have called him a squealer.

How do jerks like this get to such important positions in our society?


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  1. Posted by Simon on June 4, 2005 at 3:36 am

    Errr, back up there. He ‘squealed’ that the President of the US was breaking the law. What disloyalty did he display? Failure to put a corrupt man and a corrupt administration above his country?

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